Get to know the culinary art, that there are in Spain

Enjoy good quality and the best food service in Barcelona. If you like to taste the best dishes, and visit Casa Carmen Mediterranean, a place where you will spoil your palate in every way.

Casa Carmen, located at the north end, large and with a fine structure in the romance and elegant style, where eating will be a pleasure. The Spanish gastronomy is the most varied in culture, flavor and specialties and this restaurant will not miss this type of cuisine. Specialized in culinary arts, not only in flavor, but in presentation, because every meal that brings to the mouth has a taste of glory, it must be because quality and originality abound in their employees. Do not be fooled by its classic style, the menu, it is very diverse, not only is there variety in meals, also in cocktails, beers from all over the world and even in desserts. The place is nice, its atmosphere is relaxed and highly recommended to go in large, family or friendly groups. Once you visit the place the first time, you will become your favorite restaurant without any doubt.

If you want to know the culinary art, that there are in Spain, Casa Carmen Restaurant is the perfect place to do that.